SKF Remote Industrial Handbooks:
A framework for building a plan

Step-by-step guidance for identifying and mitigating risks across multiple industries, including cement, steel, pulp and paper and more.

The SKF Remote Industrial Handbooks offer practical advice based on SKF’s industry expertise, with insights from our own journey towards remote industrial maintenance.

In these handbooks, you will find end-to-end support for adopting remote maintenance implementation, such as roadmapping, risk assessment templates, financial gain evaluations and more. Each section includes practical tools to help plants avoid implementation setbacks and will enable a smoother deployment of the solutions best suited to their needs.

SKF Remote Industrial Handbook

What’s included in the handbooks

The journey to remote industrial maintenance will not be smooth or predictable, and we hope these handbooks can guide readers and help them avoid pitfalls along the way.

Chapter 1 - Handbook



Chapter 1:
Strategic application of remote industrial maintenance

  • Remote industrial maintenance: predictive maintenance scenario
  • Remote industrial maintenance: preventive maintenance scenario

Chapter 2 - Handbook



Chapter 2:
Planning for the remote 
industrial maintenance roadmap

  • Asset criticality assessment
  • Remote industrial maintenance roadmapping

Chapter 3 - Handbook



Chapter 3:
Risk identification, assessment

  • Risk mitigation and treatment
  • Performance-based business model for risk sharing

Chapter 4 - Handbook



Chapter 4:
Estimating the financial benefits

  • Cost components of unplanned downtime
  • How to calculate unplanned downtime cost

Appendix A - Handbook



Appendix A:
Industry benchmark data

  • (Client needs analysis)

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Written by the management team of SKF Enlight AI, in these handbooks we’ve transformed our experience in deploying AI-driven industrial analytics at leading industrial plants into actionable insights. If you’d like a handbook, please complete the form below.

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Handbook - Cement
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